Campanula Family for the Rockery

Campanula Family for the Rockery

One of the smaller varieties of Campanula should ring a bell for rockery or alpine gardeners.


The bell flowers of Campanula come in many sizes upto 15 foot tall in the case of Campanula pyramidalis grown as a pot plant. The smaller low growing plants are more suitable for the Rockery or Alpine garden. The above example is growing in the space at the top of a low retaining wall and has been there very happily for at least 20 years.

Campanula Facts and Tips

  • The smallest Campanulas hug the ground and throw up flower stalks only a couple of inches. Campanula censia, C. excisa, C. pulla and C. Pusilla fit this category.
  • Campanula gargancia despite its name and C. rupestris have clusters of tiny star flowers that hug the ground.
  • All the miniature kinds of Campanula are at home in cool, semi-shaded nooks in the lower levels of the rockery.
  • Still diminutive in stature Campanula allioni or C. carpathica have larger saucer shaped flowers upto one foot tall.
  • Camapanula rotundifolia has blue, white or double forms.
  • Tufted and prostrate forms dived with ease in September. Those with errect stems need to be grown from cuttings.
  • Campanula barbata is biennial but the low growing C. aucheri is perennial and both have a long tap root that protects them from bad weather conditions.

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Dwarf Campanula by Graham Nichols

Look out for seed of your chosen varieties at  special shows or from the Alpine society membership scheme.

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