Canterbury Bells not Cockleshells

Canterbury Bells not Cockleshells

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Campanula burghaltii is a showy Canterbury Bell or Campanula. The pale lavender flowers are borne on wiry stems that I find need no extra support. The leaves are leathery in texture and oval in shape.

LBA 062

Canterbury Bells are available in a range of sizes and colours. This Campanula lactiflora has been grown from seed and last year was even better as it made pyramids of flowers. Perhaps I should allow each plant a bit more space.

Bell Flower


This alpine version of the Canterbury Bell seems to be all flower and no leaf. It is performing well in  a moist plunge bed.
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Dwarf Campanula by Graham Nichols
See also Campanula for the rockery here or Alpine campanulas.

canterbury bells

This Bell flower has self sown in my garden for many years. The stems need some support but they flower for a long period and I am loathed to pull them all up. I try help the white flowers as they seem less robust.

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What is brown and sounds like a cracked Bell?   –   Dung!

Cracked bells can be very good fertiliser for your garden.  Make sure that and ‘Dung’ is well rotted.
Cracked Bell

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