Bulbs to Plant this Autumn

Bulbs to Plant this Autumn

Get your bulb catalogues out and select your planting scheme for a glorious display next spring. Plant some bulbs just to cut for indoor flowers – the bunches will be superior to those you will pay na fortune for in the shops next year and you have the fun of growing your own.

I have planted some smaller bulbs around my rockery for spring flowers.

Selection by Height
‘Crocus Whitewell Purple’ are early flowering with 6 purple petals that open almost flat to display their attractive yellow stamen. They grow 3″ tall.
Narcissus Canaliculatus are multiheaded 4″ high flowers with white petals and yellow trumpets. They do not like dry soil.
For a dry spot I have planted a bulb new to me Ipheion Uniflorum. This has fragrant lilac-blue star shaped flowers 6″ tall.
Narcissus tazetta variety Cragford has been planted in pots and near some new rocks I have just put in place. Again these narcissus do not like dry soil.
Miniature daffodils our top ten varieties
I wpould also be keen on some more botanic tulips
I have also topped up the quantity of my Iris Reticulata bulbs


  • Give bulbs a light dusting of bone meal in early spring
  • Plant bulbs at a depth that is twice their width 2-5″ in the examples above.
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