Bright Indoor Bromeliads

Bright Indoor Bromeliads

Try a bromide ‘oops’ I mean a Bromeliad.


This Bromeliad is a relative of the pineapple and as it is easy to grow indoors it makes a fine house plant. There are a wide range of Bromeliads and a society dedicated to there culture the Bromeliad Society

Bromeliad Tips

  • Grow the Bromeliads for their coloured leaves that spring from the plants center.
  • If flowers are wanted try a dose of epsom salts or magnesium sulphate as this promotes healthy growth, cell structure and the production of chlorophyll.
  • As the inflorescence or coloured spike starts to go brown cut it down to encourage off sets called ‘pups’ and get a new generation of plants.
  • It can be good fun growing from seed as different Bromeliads pollinate one another and you can’t be sure what you will get.
  • For water holding Bromeliads keep the center topped up with soft water.
  • For more data try a reference book  on Bromeliads

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