Best Gardening Tools

From my experience of gardening, these are some of my favourite and most useful gardening tools.

  1. Secateurs. When it comes to secateurs, there is no  point in buying some cheap variety. I recommend buying a really good pair and looking after them (i.e. don’t leave them out in the rain!).    Secateurs are the most versatile and indispensable tool in the garden. They can be used from everything from pruning to picking flowers. With secateurs you can feel like an artist in the garden! – Secateurs at Amazon
  2. Long Handled Shears. I’ll never forget the first time we bought my mother a pair of long handled shears, it makes the job of cutting lawn edges so much easier and more satisfying. Don’t break your back and knees using old shears. Get some long handled shears and make it easier. Long handled shears
  3. Stainless steel spade and trowel are expensive but well worth the extra investment. Do not short change on your tools.
  4. Bulb Planter. A bulb planter makes planting bulbs easier but also more targeted and specific. It means that you can plant bulbs in grass or borders. It is particularly useful for small gardens where you need precision in planting bulbs. Bulb Planters
  5. Cold Frame. A cold frame offers excellent value for the keen gardener. If you grow a modest range of seeds, you can get a lot of benefit from a cold frame without the cost and difficulty of a greenhouse. A cold frame can be used for hardening off plants and bringing plants on. Cold Frame
  6. Hoe. On a dry day when the soil is dry, there is nothing more satisfying than  a bit of hoeing, killing off all the unwanted weeds, with easy movements, a great gardening job – much easier than getting down on your knees with a trowel. Hoe
  7. Garden Stool. Great for getting up off the ground and keeping your knees dry. Can be turned over for impromptu stool. Garden Stools

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