Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day in the UK is fast approaching. If you have a habit of forgetting until the last minute, you can always rely on a bunch of flowers to save the day. But, rather than just a standard bunch of daffodils from the petrol station, what else would make your mother really happy and inspired to bake you more cakes?

Speciality Narcissus
Narcissus tazetta

Narcissus Tazetta. A late flowering daffodil. Warm spring has brought it out down here in Oxford. A lovely delicate flower with lovely colour contrast.

Daffodil selection

Narcissus double



Iris Bucharica

Iris Bucharica – something a little different.



Pink and white – nice contrast – perfect colours for mother’s day.





Don’t forget the fifth sense – smell. A hyacinth in a pot will give lovely fragrance for two weeks. After flowering it can be planted out for future years.


Helleborus purpurascens

Tends to be a little past its best towards end of March. But, still a great spring plant.


Orchids have the touch of the exotic. More expensive, but range of flower colours is exceptional. A great indoor house plant.


House Plants

For a longer lasting display try a pot plant. Remember mothers are not just for mothers day. We like cyclamen, African Violets and potted bulbs like Hyacinths.

There is a large variety of greenery amongst houseplants but clour in Coleus, Begonia and more exotic plants.


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