Attract Bees in Organic Gardens

Attract Bees in Organic Gardens


Bees, Flies, and Wasps all display their liking for the nectar from this Sedum spectabile. Insects are attracted by colour, fluorescence and iridescence and by pollen which gives them proteins and fat.  Scent is only one form of attraction for Bees. In the following selection of plants there are many attractions for the apairian population and you can grow them  to help your Bee population

Plants to Attract Bees

  • Flowers with open structures like Rudbeckias, Erigerons, and the early Doronicum
  • Most daisy like flowers and Calendulas, Asters and Cosmos
  • Bees seem to swarm together around Monarda, Verbenas, Echinops, Teazels, Scabious and of course the Sedums.
  • Natural gardens of indigenous species are one of the key food plants for bees
  • Flowering  herbs like Thyme, Sage and Lavender are bee magnets.
  • Ceanothus, Heather, Pyracantha, Broom and Hebe also attract Bees

Experiment with other plants and flowers  in addition to this list as the population of bees has been struggling in the UK in recent years.

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