Top Ten Flowers and Fragrance

It has been difficult to finalise a list of the top 10 fragrant plants. So I have elected to chose my ten favourite flowers with a selected variety. I have cheated by including two roses but could easily have 10 or 100 roses in a list.
Scented Peony
Your personal choice will vary based on your own appreciation of scent. The result from flowers will depend on the location, culture and selections you make.

  1. Philadelphus lemoinei ‘innocence’ Mock Orange single creamy white flowers
  2. Hyacynth ‘Bismark’ porcelain blue
  3. Wisteria sinensis the white form if you can find it
  4. Honeysuckle Lonicera americanum with masses of rich spicy flowers
  5. Regal Lily lilium regale
  6. Datura inoxia another white form needing some protection
  7. Dianthus barbatus Sweet Wlliam Dobies ‘All Double’
  8. Old garden Gallica rose ‘Charles de Mills’ raspberry coloured.
  9. Climbing Rose ‘Guinee’
  10. Freesia ‘Gold Coast’, ‘Treasure’ or ‘White Giant’

Fragrant Delight

Floral Fragrance – 30 Flowers and Scents

There are several perfume groups which have been classified by comparison and contrasts. Similar groupings are used in the perfume industry and arise from the mix of alkaloids and chemicals in the flowers. There are many variations and combinations and these groups are a guide as to what to look out for:

Heavy group

Strong long lasting often white flowers – Lilium candidum, Lilac syringia, Lily of valley convallaria majalis, Pheasants eye narcissus, tuber rose.

Aromatic group

Pleasant fragrance spicy like clove and cinnamon from families like Dianthus, and Peonies. Other scents within this group include aniseed (Primroses), vanilla (witch hazel) and almond fragrance Try Choisa ternate,Viburnum carlesii & Hyacinth especially Bluebells

Violet group

Violets are reputed to tire the senses. The white violet is the strongest Viola, also try Iris reticulate, Acacia and Mignonette

Rose group

Light truly sweet fruity fragrance that is refreshing even when concentrated. Also present in rose leaved geranium Pelargonium capitatum

Lemon group

Refreshing and tangy more often found in leaves than flowers. Rose bracteata and Water lily nymphaea odorata.

Fruit scented group

All fruit except lemon including Philadelphus mock orange cytisus battandieri (pineapple) and Freesia

Animal scented group

Musk or animal scent which get more pungent after pollination. Hypericum, Fritillaria imperialis and Moss roses

Honey scented group

Related to animal scented group with delicate musky sweet fragrance like Honeysuckle, Buddleja, Jasmine officinale and Sedum spectabile.

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