Walled Gardens And Garden Walls

Walled Gardens And Garden Walls

Most walled gardens are comparatively small and the walls act as wind breaks. The micro climates created help the plants through hard times.

If you are lucky enough to have a walled garden you will know what a boon they can be specially for growing vegetables and fruit. This 5 acre garden is in Helmsley North Yorkshire and has outstanding fruit and vegetables despite the climate. There is information on fruit grown within this garden on Gods Own County.

Tips from a Walled Garden

    • Think about the different micro climates in your garden. A walled garden accentuates and creates micro climates that you can use to your gardening advantage but you have many already.

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  • Build your first wall to protect from the prevailing wind usually the west. That way you get protection and early morning sun.
  • Use harmonious materials to blend in the surroundings and avoid conflict with other buildings.
  • You can ‘fan train’ Peaches, Gages and Apples against a wall and also grow Clematis
  • Under a dry wall in the rain shadow you can plant a dry or Mediterranean garden with Herbs, Santolinas and plants that like hot dry conditions.

Statues and Sculptures.

Walled gardens do not normally have the space for much in the way of statuary but this water feature took my attention. I would be interested in any other interesting statues or special features on a similar theme.

Similarly space prevents the use of ornamental trees except fruit trees. There are many heritage varieties on display at Helmsley.

Consider a visit out of season in February.

Reasons to have a Walled Garden

  • Security and privacy can be dramatically improved.
  • The walls act as shelter and provides extra growing area for climbers. Pots can be hung from the wall.
  • More delicate and exotic species can be cultivated.
  • A constrained garden focuses the design and layout of your garden.
  • Low walls can be used to create separate rooms within a garden.

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