Red and Green in the Garden

Colourful Tips on garden colour wheel.


Red and green are complementary colours that draw plenty of compliments in the right setting. This Geum looks better against the green leaves than it does waving around on its long stems (although it is fine then as well).


Another moody shot of a red Oriental poppy against it’s slightly greener leaves. For great artistic paintings you can’t beat red poppies and green leaves.


Perhaps it is the yellow stamens that catch the eye on this Hibiscus but the glossy green leaves are also a major part of the charm.

Ruby mum

This Pot Mum Chrysanthemum is neither red nor green, both are a bit dirty and contain a lot of grey.

Colour is classified in three ways.

  1. Hue– This is the kind of colour and whether it is intense or greyed
  2. Brightness – is the total light reflected that provides the tone or luminosity. It is how the eye perceives light to dark colours.
  3. Saturation – Is intensity or pureness. spectral colours are the maximum intensity the eye can appreciate. Mixed with any other colour reduces saturation.



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