Top 500 Gardening Books at Gardeners Tips HQ

Top 500 Gardening Books at Gardeners Tips HQ

400 gardening Books

My Top 420 Gardening Books

I wish to pay tribute and offer thanks to all those who have contributed to the tips on this web site through their words and wisdom in numerous books and published works. It is the inspirational gardeners, plantsmen and horticulturalists that are celebrated by authors, publishers and photographers, that deserve the praise.

If I have failed to cite or reference a particular comment in the past I apologise. I have tried to give appropriate credits and increase sales of some books by offering a link to an appropriate page on Amazon. This should cover the other 80 or so titles that go to make up the top 500.

Gardening Books a pdf  file highlights over 420 gardening books that I dip into from time to time.

If you have a preferred book that I have missed, or if you have written a gardening book yourself let me know and I will add it to our list.

I am an acknowledged hoarder and collecting gardening books became a passion several years ago. Most of my 12 book cases are overflowing as you can see from the picture.

The internet has made information so ubiquitous and freely available that it is good to remeber the fun and tactile joy you can get from thumbing through a specialist book.

RHS Books and Libraries

  • Additionally I volunteered at RHS library at Harlow Carr and helped move the book collection from ‘the old potting shed’ to the superb new Bramall Learning Center.
  • The new library section at Harlow Carr stocks 8,000 books, DVDs, magazines and offers online facilities.
  • Members can borrow books from the RHS at any of the ‘Lindley Libraries’, Wisley, London, Rosemoor and Hyde Hall. I think this is one of the pleasures of RHS membership.
  • There is a web search facility available to members and non-member
  • Lindley Library in London was recently closed after a small fire but should now be reopen.

Notes on my Books file

  • I have tried to arrange titles in a way that highlights the subject matter.
  • The authors should be listed by surname followed by first names.
  • The year published, number of pages and publisher is self explanatory.
  • I have a personal scoring system to highlight how useful or pleased with the book I feel at the time of recording it on the data base.
  • I have suppressed several other columns that are of less interest.

Send us a comment with your favourite gardening book details.

Thank you to those who use our link to amazon when buying a book. The small commission we recive helps pay for the site maintenance.

With around 2000 web pages we have got as much content as many books.

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  2. Thanks for the post – I don’t know where to begin! I shall have to start working my way through this list, as my garden really does need some help at the moment

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