16 Exceptional Gardeners and Seven Christmas Books

16 Exceptional Gardeners and Seven Christmas Books

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If gardeners are exceptional people then buy them a copy of this book for Christmas. It contains 20 stories and profiles about encounters with gardeners and a day in their life to provide reading matter for dark garden-free evenings.

Amongst those covered are these sixteen:

Roy Roberts Landscape Gardener
Roy Lancaster from Gardener’s Question Time
Book Cover
Tony Schilling Asian Heath Garden at Wakenhirst
Thomas Pakenham Meetings with Remarkable Trees
Book Cover
Geoffrey Dutton the Concrete Gardener
Beth Chatto Essex girl gardener
Book Cover
Howard Donald Waterer
Anthea Gibson ‘The Cotswold Gardener’
Lady Salisbury writer of a Gardener’s Life
Book Cover
Dan Pearson ‘Guardian of Gardeners’
Kim Wilkie ‘Reality is a condition induced by lack of imagination’.
Ronald Blythe Outsiders Gardener Friends.
Book Cover
Lucinda Lambton President of Garden History Society
Richard Mabey of Food for Free
Book Cover
Hugh “Wine Atlas” Johnson
James “Gaia Hypothesis” Lovelock.

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