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Photos from Waterperry Garden Oxfordshire

Photos from Waterperry Garden Oxfordshire

Waterperry is a small village eight miles east of Oxford. It lies on the River Thame (not to be confused with River Thames), though the Thame does end up feeding into the Thames. The extensive gardens and river-side setting offer a combination of formal gardens, flowing herbaceous borders and wildlife meadows by the river.
Waterperry gardens

Waterperry gardens

Mixed border

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Easy Cyclamen Houseplants

Easy Cyclamen Houseplants

Cyclamen are easy and rewarding houseplants to look after as long as you control the watering.

Watering Cyclamen

  • Keep indoor Cyclamen moist but do not stand them in water.
  • Water from the bottom and let plants soak up what they need
  • If using the immersion method do not get the crown of the plant wet
  • Keep indoor cyclamen in humid conditions by putting the plant on   damp gravel or special clay granules.
  • Put the Cyclamen, pot and all into a larger peat filled pot and keep the outer pot very damp.
  • Fertilize every fortnight if you want to keep the tuber for next year

Choosing and Caring for Florists Cyclamen

  • Pick a pot with good fresh leaves. If the pot end is heavy it has some water in the compost.
  • Indoor or florists cyclamen are more tender than outdoor cyclamen. They are usually periscum varieties in bright colours.
  • Twist off yellow leaves and spent flowers near to the stem.
  • Keep cool about 50-60° and away from direct sun and strong drafts.
  • Do not let them freeze
  • Soft leaves are a sign of needing water or having too much water. If the later stop watering take out of the pot to help drying and leave to refresh itself before repotting.
  • Plants should flower through December and January then can be rested on their sides until autumn to flower next year
Tips for Growing Easy Sunflowers

Tips for Growing Easy Sunflowers


Sunflowers can be excellent fun to grow. Given the right conditions they can grow quickly and provide excellent height and flower in late autumn.

Sunflowers are considered easy to grow and are often considered to be a good plant for children. (see: Growing sunflowers with children) However, to get the best out of sunflowers requires a few careful points.

Grow as a Fence. Sunflowers can make an excellent impromptu screen for late summer. The height can divide a garden creating a natural sense of rooms. – something top garden designers often go for.

  • H. ‘Pastiche’: available in mixed shades of reds, and yellows. The flowers appear on multi-stemmed plants that make an effective multicoloured fence in late summer – from 1.2m to 1.5m (4ft to 5ft) high.

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Seed Suppliers and Specialties

Seed Suppliers and Specialties

Membership of a garden society can be a good source of good value seeds.
Not all seed companies are the same and many have distinctive specialties.
The big well known brands generally have a full range of annuals, perennials and odd selections. Most now offer higher value items including plugs and kinder or pot plants.

Many brands are now owned by the same company and the niche suppliers often offer more seed or better products in a narrower focused  range.

Choice Seed Companies

  • Thompson & Morgan wildflowers and  thousands of varieties of seeds with useful germination  guide available online.
  • Boston Seeds – Online seed shop offers grass seed mixtures for lawns, paddocks, sport, plus agricultural seed and wildflower seed. Volume orders
  • The Chilli Company – Sells a variety of hot chilli seeds including ‘Brain strain’ and collections to take advantage of a current trend for growing Hot Chillies
  • Chiltern seed  new web site but the old catalogue has flowery descriptions and an excellent range – no photos but great mail order catalogues
  • D. T. Brown and Co. Ltd. – Offers a range of flower and vegetable seeds, including organics. Order catalogue online.
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