Notes from my Seed Bank

Notes from my Seed Bank

Collected Californian poppy Eschscholzia pods and seeds

January Review of  Seeds in my Seed Bank

  • Many gardeners me included have collections of seeds from last year and prior. This is a summary of how I started 2020
  • Alliums of many varieties not kept separate – all destined for  my daughters newish garden as requested.
  • Some kept in a plastic box without being fully dried off. They don’t look too healthy so ditched them on compost heap where they could have gone much sooner.
  • Some well dried off and now labeled.
  • Set up a metal box for all bought and some dried seed
  • Best seeds were runner beans – will use largest for this year.  There were more than I will need to get a reasonable number of plants.
  • Several packets of annuals bought in the autumn sale – particularly those that can be expected not to have aged. I planned to be sowing in spring and am now very grateful for the stock as I can’t go out and buy more.
  • Empty packets of various autumn sown seeds Calendula, sweet pea, wallflower, etc
  • Saved seed from those plants I want to repeat, livingstone daisy, salvia, lupin, cosmos,
  • Specials to try to cultivate yellow tree peony, pieris and collected shrub berries from nature walks.
  • Salad leaf mixture, 6 varieties of tomato, climbing beans, broad beans etc.


  • Save in envelopes for better dry storage. Make sure they don’t have open corners I used school dinner-money envelopes and they leaked
  • Keep seeds separate and label with name and date
  • If seeds decanted from the original proprietary packet keep the bit of instructions, name etc.
  • Don’t use plastic bags in future they sweat and help cause rot-dry off seed before storing.
  • Take care with the usually good sweet pea seeds this year they all had maggots in them.
  • Separate dry seed from husks and pods.

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