Tree Planting Tips

Planting Deciduous Trees

Tree planting isn’t difficult as long as you remember a few top tips. Find out how tall the tree will grow so you can plan and allow enough space. Do not plant trees with big root systems too close to buildings. Focus on getting good root systems in the first year. I prefer bare rooted trees to container grown trees to help root growth.

Season for Planting

Choosing the right season is important for your tree’s health. The best season to plant just any all tree is Autumn or early winter when the weather is cooler but not yet freezing. The roots will develop in the cooler weather, and by spring, the tree will be ready to put on leaves and take up nourishment.
Trees grown in pots can be planted as soon as they have been purchased. Avoid pots where the roots are pushing through or are tightly twisted around the pot.


Planting Your Tree

Prepare the soil where you want your tree by adding some compost and drainage material, if the soil is too water logged. Trees will be in the same position for a long time so I add some slow release bone meal fertiliser at the bottom of the hole. An old saying is dig a £30 hole for a £10 tree or make it a large, deep, well dug hole so the roots can spread. The tap root helps hold the tree in place and the hair roots help feed and water the tree. Spread the roots out cutting off any damaged roots. Tease out the root ball from a pot grown tree to avoid roots curling back on themselves.

Caring for the Tree

Stake the tree to stop wind rock and loosening the roots. Put an expandable tie about one third of the way up the trunk. Water the tree deeply for several weeks to help it get established, and make sure to water it during the winter months. Mulch young trees in spring to conserve moisture. Don’t add fertiliser in the first couple of years let the tree search out nutrients.

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