Top Ten UK Garden Trees

Top Ten UK Garden Trees

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Trees small enough for your garden can still provide a range of interest. That may be leave shape, blossom, berries, bark or colour changes.
This selection grow 15-50 feet high with a maximum spread of 30 feet.

Top Ten Garden Trees

    1. Sorbus or Mountain Ash make fine specimen trees. Sorbus vilmorinii has creamy white flowers and a typical scent in spring. Clusters of red berries fade to white but the feathery leaf turns a dark red in autumn.
    2. Arbutus andrachne or unedo aka the Strawberry tree has  glossy evergreen leaves and white flowers. The trunk is also a feature on these 20′ trees.
    3. Ornamental cherry trees have stunning displays of spring flowers. Try Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis


    1. Silver birches Betula jacquemontii Grayswood Ghost has yekllow catkins and good autumn colour.
    2. Ornamental Crab Apples have caught my attention recently and malus floribunda with pale pink flowers followed by golden fruit gives interest through until winter.
    3. Judas Tree, Cercis siliquastrum is covered in pink blossom before the leaves arrive in spring. This is followed by purple pods that can last through winter.
    4. Acers are ever popular and the palmatum varieties offer late season colour changes to the leaves. Osakazuki and sango-kaku are currently on offer.

Olive grove

  1. Olive trees can survive our winters with their grey green foliage in tact. Plant in a large pot or sunny spot for a specimen tree to be proud of. (sorry this photo is in Greece)
  2. Magnolia can be treated as a bush or tree and evergreen varieties vary from 5-30 foot tall. The Denudata Yellow River has large goblet shaped flowers.
  3. Amelanchier lamarckii can be single or multi stemmed and has a great colour display in autumn


With thanks to Joe Swift for some of the varieties and data.

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