Quick Tips For Lawns and Grass

Quick Tips For Lawns and Grass

Pointers for Greener Grass on new and established Lawns

If you want a nice new green sward or are content to allow flowers in a natural setting consider these quick tips to help you. Set your expectations and match your actions to the plan for best results.

  • For an economic new lawn use seed but put turf around the perimeter so you can cut a neat edge
  • Seed should be chosen for the type of lawn you want fine grass is no use for lots of family games
  • Keep paving or edging stone lower than the grass so you can mow up to the edge
  • A cheap lawn spreader or seeder can be made out of a jar or tin can with holes in the lid
  • Water with Epsom salts to get rid of toadstools and fairy rings
  • Trim the edges of the grass for a neat look it is more important than short grass
  • If the stripes after mowing are pale then the grass is being squeezed not cut and the cylinder lawnmower needs resetting so the cutting blade is near the bottom plate
  • Use lawn sand to avoid weed killers poisoning the clippings as compost or mulch
  • Don’t apply fertiliser to wild-flower lawns
  • If a lawn edge is damaged cut out a rectangle of turf and turn it around so the rough edge is in the midst of other grass that will knit it back into shape and the good edge will be on the outside.

Pointers for using Turf

  • Buy your turf or new sods from a reputable dealer.
  • Good grass will have been purposely grown and treated.
  • Keep well watered after laying new turf.
  • Try avoid cracks or gaps which can be filled with fine soil if unavoidable. Keep a bucket full of sandy soil close-by.
  • Avoid foot indentations in the newly laid turf by working from boards.
  • Lay sods with staggered joints as in the pattern of a brick wall and closely butted together avoiding gaps.
  • Ensure the turves are level by having a bucket of sandy soil at hand and adding or removing soil as necessary.

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