Quick-Fix Garden Spring Clean

Quick-Fix Garden Spring Clean

Some time spent maintaining the general appearance of your garden can be worthwhile at any time of the year. A clean tidy garden will put the focus on the plants and design of your garden rather that the bits that are out of place. Do not let the untidy catch the eye.

In early spring you get a good view of any structural problems and can correct any damage and untidy appearance caused in winter  whilst giving your hard landscape areas a bit of spit and polish.

A Bit of Timely Maintenance

  • Clean up areas that lead into the garden – steps, porch, paths and driveways.
  • Tidy paths and roads around the outside of the garden.
  • Tidy up the garage, car-port, greenhouse and garden shed.
  • Sweep and wash-down the driveway. Clean garden furniture.
  • Clear up overgrown paths, collect up old canes and prune back overhanging shrubs.
  • Repair broken fencing. Apply wood preserver where needed.
  • Tidy ragged edgings to make walkways and the driveway look smart.
  • Spray any weeds pushing up through gravel or tarmac.
  • If part of the garden is given over to pebbles, clean up the organic bits and pieces that work their way in between them.
  • Pick up litter and weeds from public paths around your garden edge.
  • Remove algae and slime from paths with a cleaners or pressure wash.
  • Mulch can cover a multitude of unsightly problems. Peat substitutes, bark or gravel can provide a face lift.
  • Gleaming windows give a house that groomed look. Brush down the cobwebs around the window frames and wash the paint work.

Organic Face Lift

  • Weed borders and garden beds. It’s easier to do just after rain when the ground is softer and the weeds come out easily, root and all.
  • Replace dead plants in empty beds and borders they are a sign of neglect. Hoe and rake the soil if you are waiting for new stock.
  • Rake the lawn to remove leaf-litter, twigs and other green debris.
  • Mow, weed and feed the lawn. Trim the edges neatly.
  • If you’ve let pot-plants die plant some ready grown annuals or herbs from a garden center.
  • Cut back tree-branches overhanging the driveway, paths and lawn area to make the garden look spacious and open.
  • Prune shrubs, dead stalks and stems. Make sure the shears are clean and sharp, it will make things easier for you and the plants.
  • Deadhead flowers and clear up any dead petals and flower-heads
  • Mulch makes plants stand out and is good for them . Invest in mulch for an instant makeover.


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3 thoughts on “Quick-Fix Garden Spring Clean

  1. Spring really is a good time to plan for the garden. I always sit out in a comfortable chair, with a nice mug of tea, and sketch my garden. This then allows me to plan my planting and features I want to create.

  2. These tips are really helpful, especially because spring gardens have that potential to become more attractive due to the season.

    In case a rain is not something possible, you can actually try to prepare the area by constantly spraying it with water (as a substitute to rain) to soften the soil.

    Great Post!

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