Plug for Jersey Direct Plug Plants

Plug for Jersey Direct Plug Plants

wall flower

Plug plants are an excellent way to acquire plants without the risks, time, space and effort needed with seeds. They are a fantastic way to buy annuals, perennials or bedding plants to fill your garden with colour or get some part grown veg plants.

July is a good time to order spring-flowering wallflowers, primroses, pansies and bulbs amongst others. I have just used Jersey Direct for my wallflowers that I want to get in early this year so they have a chance to get bushy. Generally I leave them to get a bit straggly so I must remember to pinch out the growing tip before they start their winter slumber.

If you wish to see what other plants are available as garden ready plugs for delivery from now until October from Jersey Direct click on our button on the bottom right.

March Jobs

    In March plant summer flowering bulbs such as Dahlias, Begonias, Agapanthus and Alliums. Bulbs should feel firm to the touch and should be free from mould.
    Plant herbaceous perennials such as Geranium, Anemones, Aquilegia and Hellebores. Spring is an ideal time to plant perennials and also to consider what might complement your existing borders.
    Sow summer bedding plants under glass or in a heated propagator. If you don’t have a greenhouse order plug bedding plants and Jersey will do the hard work for you.
    Protect plants from frost If frost is forecast, use fleece to protect the new leaves.
    Plant onions and potatoes


August Jobs

  • Sow hardy annuals directly into your borders towards the end of August. They need a winter in the ground to ensure that they will flower next summer.
  • Collect and store  the seeds of hardy annuals and perennials for sowing later in the autumn – in particular try Geranium, Aquilegia, Pinks, Pansies, Papaver and Candendula.
  • Deadhead your Roses, Dahlias, Penstemon and bedding to prolong the display into autumn.
  • Plants that typically last for one season before dying off will needing replacing. Value for money when buying bedding plants and free delivery is therefore really important.
  • Tidy your garden by cutting back and trimming even your hanging baskets/ Deadheading, watering and feeding will prolong their flowering season.

September Jobs from Jersey Direct

  • Finish ordering bulbs for next season. Narcissus need a longer time in the ground than tulips.
  • For those non-repeat flowering climbing and rambling Roses you should prune them to encourage a new flush of growth.
  • Lightly prune Hebes and Lavenders after flowering.
  • Plant and move shrubs and trees without having to worry about their survival. They will have all winter to settle into their new homes and will get off to a flying start next spring.
  • September is a good time of year to plant new perennials when the soil is warm, but moisture levels are increasing.
  • Once your summer bedding plants are past their best, make the most of your pots and re-plant them with winter/spring flowering bedding plants.
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