Lawns in Winter

Lawns in Winter

Don’t smoke your grass but cultivate it as a lawn.
January Lawn

You might get sent to the Tower of London if you damage your Lawn during winter. One gardener must be there as the picture of their lawn in January after the snow is shown above. You can start your own business with the book and tips below.

Winter Lawn Care

Do not walk on frozen grass the leaves and stems will snap and damaged patches will show when the frost has gone.
Do not walk on very soggy grass or when covered in snow as this will also damage turf and soil structure.
Do not be afraid to smarten up your lawn on a fine dry day. Trimming the edges and removing any dead leaves or debris always gives a lawn a lift.
If you want to cut the lawn set the blades on the mower at the highest level and give it a light trim not a short back and sides.

Preparation for a Summer Lawn

lawn mower
Consider using a professional lawn maintenance firm to ‘up the standard’ of your grass or take a course yourself.
Source and buy a spring feed with a high nitrogen content that will boost the young growth.
If troubled with moss, and many gardens are in a wet winter, plan to kill the moss with lawn sand or a copper base product.
When moss turns brown after treatment rake out the dead matter and bury or dispose of the detritus, do not compost it.
Improve drainage by spiking the lawn.
Reseed any bare patches or transplant turf from another area.

Start Your Own Lawn Care Business

Book Cover“>

Book Cover

Lawn Feed Weed and Moss Killer

Lawn Spreader from Amazon

Lawn Leaves

What Shape is your Lawn

Square or rectangular lawns are the most popular. They fit best with most of our British garden and house designs.
Gentle curves can be soothing on the eye but avoid sharp twists and turns if you want to get a lawn mower in close.

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