If in Drought – Try Xeriscaping your Garden

If in Drought – Try Xeriscaping your Garden


If you are doubtful about this summer’s British weather, and how can you be otherwise, then you may need some tips on watering your garden.

Xeriscaping is the creation of a garden that uses less wate
r. No grass to cut, drought tolerant plants and appropriate landscaping are what you need.

Xeriscaping and Other Watering Tips

  • Pull up weeds as soon as they start drinking your water.
  • Plan and plant wind breaks to stop drying winds.
  • Use plants that generally require less water. Grey and silver plants often need less water.
  • Give one good weekly soaking not daily dribbles.
  • Add humus to the soil to retain water and mulch the surface of the soil.
  • Use larger containers rather than hanging baskets, they are easier to water.
  • Use capillary matting in the greenhouse to aid watering

Water Saving Tips

  • Save rain water in a water butt. It is good for young plants and saves water rates.
  • Water the garden early in the morning or in the evening to reduce evaporation.
  • Use a watering can not a sprinkler.
  • Target each plant with enough water, do not water indiscriminately.
  • Use domestic waste water that contains no bleach or disinfectant but soapy water is OK.
  • Check out water saving for your garden


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