Garden Crime Prevention

Garden Crime Prevention

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When theft and wanton damage  happens  you and your garden suffer so safeguard your property. You do not need to be paranoid but take appropriate care by just walking around your garden and see what you can improve in the way of prevention

Protect Tools

  • Power tools and lawn mowers have a high theft value as they are easy to steal and turn into cash.
  • To stop opportunist thefts do not leave tools in the garden unattended or visible in open sheds or garages.
  • Mark your tools with your postcode and name. Keep a record on serial numbers and identifying marks.
  • When not in use chain them down so they are harder to take.

Secure Sheds and Outbuildings

  • Fit good quality, strong locks  and use them not just last thing at night.
  • Use secure hinges on doors
  • Fit locks or grills on windows
  • Only store valuable items in the shed if it is fully secure.
  • Consider an intruder alarm and lighting systems.

Plants and Pots

  • You know how much a good pot can cost and then there is the time and effort spent on growing the specimen. Take protective measures bolting portable pots down.
  • If you are worried about individual plants being stolen plant them through chicken wire, and anchor them down with metal pegs.
  • Discourage the taking of cuttings from prize plants. Unfortunately even the best gardens can suffer from this petty theft.
  • Consider joining your neighborhood watch and chat with them regularly to help one another.
  • Don’t leave labels on new plants as they tell thieves they are easy to uproot.

Special Valuables

  • Garden Antiques can have a high market value. Sculptures and special features are also worth special protection because of their high value. Photograph them and insure them specifically. See GTips on insurance
  • Salvo theft alert system may be appropriate for your garden treasures.
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