Support Your Climbers this Autumn

Support Your Climbers this Autumn

Helmsley 194

November is a good time to retie your climbers to their supports. Climbing Roses benefit from the support of a sturdy frame that prevents ‘wind rock’. Wind rock loosens the roots grip on the soil by the action of high winds.

Variety of Support for climbers

  • The photo below shows walled garden where the brick wall supported many climbers.
  • The hoops of stiff wire on a frame in the mid distance showed another distinctive form of support.
  • A complex cast iron work acts as a sculpture, archway or arbour as well as a support.
  • In the foreground is a circular, tubular effort that can be purchased at many garden centers.

Rose garden

What makes a Good Support Tie

  • Vine ties can be used to tie growth to a wall. These are like nails with eyes or soft nails that can be bent over.
  • Support ties should be disguised by growth so they are not obtrusive.
  • Ties should not restrict the flow of sap when growth recommences.
  • Ties should not cut into the trunk, branch or stem of the plants
  • The plants should be restricted so it can not blow around and become damaged.

Burnby Hall Pocklington

This pergola was used to support sweet peas but was built to help more sturdy climbers. Not everyone can accommodate such a construction and it should be more covered in climbers to suit my taste.


A simple support for the most basic climber or scrambler, Ivy. The swag under the growth is a chain link and is on both sides of the path at Brodsworth Hall Barnsley. I had to look underneath to be sure there was support as it looked so natural and completely covered for many yards.

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