Tips for Growing Busy Lizzie

Photo by ndrwfgg

Busy Lizzie are bright and colourful bedding plants that you will find easy to grow if you avoid frost. Stick to the annual varieties and you will have flowers from June through to the first frost. They do not need pinching out unless they are leggy when you get them.

Busy Lizzie Tips

  • Buy plug plants or seedlings and grow them on until the danger of frost has gone. If you do not have a windowsill wait until mid May to buy them.
  • Seeds are very small and I have found germination is erratic. That may be due to my lack of green fingers.
  • Busy Lizzie are great for shady areas because nothing flowers in those positions as well as they do. They will perform in sun as well.
  • Busy Lizzie have a succulent stem and need plenty of water when they are growing quickly.
  • Plants grow about 8-12 inches tall with a similar spread depending on variety.
  • Busy Lizzie are fine in baskets, containers or the front of flower beds.

Colourful flowers is one of the main reasons for growing Busy Lizzie. Pastel shades called ‘Tempo’ , white, purple, candy striped Tuti and vibrant Spectra or even a bronzed leaf version are all available. Busy Lizzie do not make cut flowers.

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3 Responses to Tips for Growing Busy Lizzie

  1. R W Hackett July 3, 2011 at 16.03 #

    Our Busy Lizies seem to be getting eaten,can you please help.

  2. admin July 4, 2011 at 16.03 #

    I suspect slugs or snails read ‘rain brings slugs’.

  3. nassy July 10, 2011 at 16.03 #

    my busy lizzies are covered in white dust under the leaves, some look limpy. How do i get rid of it please? Also when touched it comes off very easily.
    Many thanksx

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