May Seed Sowing Guide for MVUF

May Seed Sowing Guide for MVUF

Veg Seed Sowing Plans for May
To ensure a continuous harvest throughout the summer rather than a glut successional sowing of salads, radishes, beetroots, carrots, autumn giant leeks and spring onions and peas should continue.
Sow basil, particularly alongside tomato seedlings to help draw white fly away plus spinach, rocket and ornamental salad leaves.
Globe Artichokes and Swiss Chard for looks as well as food.
Pole, French and above all Runner Beans
Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Savoy Cabbage, Kale and Calabrese

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What  should be cropping in May
Brassicas: cauliflower, late purple sprouting broccoli, spring cabbage
Roots: radishes, first carrots, 1st potatoes (raised inside)
Salad crops: salad leaves, pea tips and Cos lettuce
Leafy greens: chard and spinach
Broad beans by the end of the month and Indoor courgettes and baby globe artichokes
Soft herbs : parsley, chervil, coriander, & sorrel.
Evergreen herbs: rosemary, sage, bay and winter savory, mint, tarragon, 1st dill, oregano and basil (inside)

Flowers for sowing May
Poppies – Nasturtium
Foxglove – Lupins
Geum – Sunflower

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