Legumes and Pea Flowers

Legumes and Pea Flowers


I am kicking myself for not noting the name of this alpine flower captured on my camera during a recent garden visit. The familiar pea shape and colour are reminisent of Cytisus or Broom but with 727 genera of Legumes I can’t be sure.

Gentle Reminders

  • Inspect plants close up to discover the natural beauty and make associations and links to other plants as the old plant hunters used to do.
  • The next reminder to myself is to make a note of a plants name when you have the chance to do so. My memory is totally fallible.
  • My vegetarian children eat the growing tops of Peas and I have resolved to  try eating them as well.

Legumes of the World is an authorative text on the range of leguminous plants but it comes at a price of £56 even from Amazon.

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