January Fruit and Vegetable Tips

January Fruit and Vegetable Tips

Snow garden

With snow lying deeply and icicles hanging from many roofs it is strange to be thinking of 2017.

January Tasks for Fruit and Vegetables

  • Check stored apples and vegetable clamps.
  • Chit early potatoes, for planting in April, by placing in trays rose end up towards the light.
  • Several vegetables can be cropped when the ground is unfrozen including, Leeks, Sprouts, Parsnips, Winter Cabbage, Turnips, Salsify and Sprouting Broccoli.
  • If those vegetables appeal to you buy some seed now for spring planting.
  • Sow  Leeks and Chervil in the greenhouse.
  • Start winter digging. Tidy up under fruit trees and remove mummified fruit.
  • Plant new fruit bushes and cane fruit.
  • Prune apples and pears and fertilize with a high potash feed or wood ash.

Other Tasks for January around the Garden

    • Keep permanently planted containers in groups in a sheltered spot.
    • Privet and Hawthorne hedges can be hard pruned in mild weather to reduce height or width.
    • Clean greenhouse and summerhouse glass to let in more light.
    • Avoid over-watering houseplants and do not leave behind curtains to get frosted.
    • Spread well rotted horse manure or compost.(not on houseplants!)
    • Sow alpines and other seeds that need exposure to frost.


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