Himalayan Gardens in Yorkshire

Himalayan Gardens in Yorkshire

In Yorkshire we are lucky to have several gardens designed using the theme of a Himalayan Garden. The Hut near Ripon at Grewlthorpe is   ‘The Himalayan Garden’ with all the plants you would expect in such a setting including

Rhododendrons both Hybrid and Species over 50 varieties
Evergreen and Deciduous Azaleas
Eucryphia varieties growing 10′ – 30′ as trees and large shrubs
Magnolias and Camellias
Primulas and Meconopsis
Himalayan garden Grewelthorpe Meconopsis7
Visit between April and June for the best colour display.

Harewood House near Leeds has a great deal on display through out the year including a large bird garden. Opened in 2009 by Alan Titchmarsh is The Harewood Himalayan Garden says Alan it is  ‘ a hidden gem and second to none in the UK. Tell your friends!’ With paths through a gorge and a bridge across the beck, this is somewhere for all garden-lovers to visit, with primulas, orchids, cobra lilies, blue poppies and more than 50 kinds of rhododendron. It is also home to the Harewood Stupa, a Buddhist monument built by monks from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Parcevall Hall at Appletreewick has many plants and trees from the Himalayas and a new Himalayan walk is being constructed as you approach the gardens. The dales may be hilly but they aren’t quite Everest.
Harewood Himalayan Garden
Tips for your Himalayan Garden at Home

  • Get the right ph levels in your soil. Most Himalayan plants above need an  acid soil.
  • In the mountains there must be lots of regular rain (that is true in Yorkshire) so you need  water retentive soil to help shallow rooted Rhododendrons develop buds for next year.
  • Try get features in proportion, you can grow dwarf plants with  rocks in an alpine setting or slightly larger plants on as hillside. Fully grown plants may dwarf most gardens.
  • You could theme your garden to another country or style. Himalayas are ‘in’ at the moment but Italian,  Japanese and Prairie gardens  have their moments.

Himalayan garden Grewelthorpe 276

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