Tips on Growing Thrift – Armeria Maritima

Armeria juniperfolia x maritima

Armeria maritima has many local names and is also known as Sea Pink, Cliff Clover, Ladies’ Cushions, Heugh (or cliff) daisy, Armeria juniperifolia or Marsh daisy and Sea thrift.
The colour of the 1″ ball shaped flowers varies from white Alba through pink and mauve to dark red.
The clumps of dark green foliage form good mounds useful for contrast of shape in a rock garden. The densely packed grass like leaves are up to 5 inches long.
Thrift is a perennial but if it browns in the center split the plant.

Cultivation Tips

Thrift grows well in dry, sandy soil or low fertility soil.
It is very salt tolerant hence its appearance as a wild flower along the coast.
Take basal cuttings in summer or divide large clumps in Autumn.
They need full sun all day but can tolerate dry, windy conditions.
Thrift flowers in spring through summer. Remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms.


Varieties to consider and Other Names

  • Thrift is also known as Sea Pink, Armeria Maritima, Sea Pink,
  • Armeria maritima alba is a white variety
  • Splendens is the best Pink variety.
  • Bloodstone is dark red.
  • Vindictive is light pink and has an AGM from RHS
  • Laucheana has dark green foliage with bright pink flowers
  • Rubrifolia ihas dark bronze grass-like foliage turning deep red in winter and a cluster of pink globe shaped flowers

Unusual Facts about Thrift

    • The old 3d bit the 12 sided British coin has a thrift plant on the obverse side.
    • Thrift is a good nectar plant much appreciated by butterflies and moths.
    • Thrift makes an interesting cut flower and can also be dried.
    • Buy Seeds

from Thompson & Morgan.

  • Sea Pinks are good plants for the coast.
  • Thrift can absorb large amounts of copper and survive in contaminated soil.

Images of Thrift

Old Tips From Gardeners Tips


Tips for Growing Perennial Sea Thrift

  • Looks good in walls and rockeries and will stand an open windy position
  • Deadheading will prolong flowering.
  • Makes a clump of grass like leaves and flower stalks are 6 inches long with white pink or red flowers
  • Dividing large clumps should be done in early spring to rejuvenate plant.
  • Can be grown from seed
  • Prefers well drained soil or the plant may rot in center.
  • Sea Pinks do not need fertiliser but like a sandy soil.

Photo credit by Captain Oates at the Seaside


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  1. david June 5, 2017 at 16.03 #

    i’m starting to assemble a green roof on my shed and heard sea thrift is an ideal plant
    it is quite abundant near me and i was wondering if i could just collect it and just plant just directly to the roof?

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