Growing Aconitum

Aconitum is a good autumn flowering border perennial. They do not normally need staking and this variety grows to around 3′ tall. Strong blue or purple flowers predominate in the species but there are some yellow varieties pictured.

Growing Aconitum

  • Aconitum like deep fertile soil and will grow in deep shade.
  • Mulch the crowns in spring with good compost to help retain moisture
  • Cut back stems in late autumn after flowering to prevent wind rock
  • Divide large clumps in early spring as the plants start into growth. Use 2 forks bach to back to pull the plant into sections
  • Beware the plant is poisonous so wash your hands after touching any part of the plant
  • Hide lower foliage by planting at the back and growing lower plants in front

Other Aconitums

  • There are about 250 species of Aconitum
  • They are also known as aconite or monkshood.
  • As Banes they are also called wolfsbane, leopard’s bane, women’s bane.
  • Devil’s helmet or Aconitum is a genus of flowering plant belonging to the buttercup family.
  • Sparks Variety and Stainless Steel are a couple to look out for. However I am seekingĀ  Aconitum x Cammarum a bicolour cross.
  • Try Cottage Garden plants for a selection of hybrids

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