Greatest Gardening Tips – Gardening Solutions

Greatest Gardening Tips – Gardening Solutions

Frosty the flowerpotman

In the last few years every business seems to have been christened ‘something solutions’. I even saw ‘gardening solutions’ painted on a pick-up full of hedge trimmings.

 H2O The Gardening Solution – Tips

  •  The only garden solution needed is H2O or good old water!
  • What you do not need at the wrong time of year is H2O in the form of frost!
  • H2O in the  form of snow is a mixed blessing. It can act as a thermal blanket and winter signal but it can also bend and damage weak plant growth.
  • Additives to H2O such as NPK is called by gardeners ‘fertilizer’. This is good stuff if used in sensible quantities. Like me plants can get overfed!
  • Water in the soil, to the exclusion of air will drown and kill a plants roots. More houseplants die from drowning than drought or any other cause.
  • In the same way that you wouldn’t willingly jump in a frozen lake or put your hand in boiling water then do not put your plants through rough treatment. Room temperature water is better than a cold douche!
  • Do not let water stand on top of bulbs and corms as they can rot. Provide good drainage and water houseplant bulbs from the bottom.

Pond Algea

Where to Get The Greatest Gardening Tips

  • Gardeners Tips aims to supply the greatest gardening tips that you will need for your UK garden. Many of our tips work equally well in other parts of the world and we are pleased our tips are read in 34 countries.
  • Garden centers and particularly nurseries will offer advice on the stock you are thinking of buying but remember their main purpose is to sell and make money.
  • Talk to other gardeners or join your local horticultural society. It is one of the best ways to learn more.
  • If you want a book on the subject you can purchase Greatest Gardening Tips in the World by Steve Brookes available from  Thompson & Morgan.
  • Garden chemical suppliers offer free instruction sheets available at garden centers. Bayer currently offer a Garden Pest Spotter that is useful.


Gardening Solutions – Water Problems

  • Hail and heavy rain can shred the leaves of plants in next to no time. Protect your prize possessions from such threats
  • Water can carry bacteria and young seedlings can get a disease called ‘damping off’ (wilting and dying). Use clean water from a clean receptacle and add some Bordeaux mixture if you get problems.
  • Bought compost and peat can be hard to wet ie it wont absorb moisture. A drop of soft soap in the water will help but but compost that contains a wetting agent.
  • For some reason I dislike water retaining granules but they do work for many people -I do my thing and you do yours but hey that’s gardeners for you.
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