Attacting Insects To Your Garden with Spectabile

This Sedum spectabile ‘Brilliant’ has all the insects buzzing with interest. Many butterflies are attracted to various Sedum spectabile or ‘Ice plant’ species. Look out for Red Admirals, Cabbage Whites and other species in your garden.

September is a good time for flowers on these Sedums. They flower into autumn and can look architectural in winter when covered in frost.
Insects can over winter in the old stems so do not be oin a hurry to clear up the old perennials until spring.

The main plant can be divided every 3-5 years in spring .
Before they flower any broken stalks are easily rooted .
The roots become woody and bits break off quite easily.This form of propagation also helps maintain flowering vigour.


My purple leaved Sedum spectabile is not as robust as I would like but the leaf colour is quite good. I will try find a white flower such as ‘Iceberg’ or ‘Stardust’ for next season. I will buy plants in autumn so I can see them in flower.


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