Getting Biodiversity in your Garden

Getting Biodiversity in your Garden

Wild meadow

Wild Areas

  • Leave an area in your garden to grow wild. Let it do as it wishes and follow the seasons.
  • Log piles and rotting brash provide protection, food and habitats.
  • If you have a wild flower meadow grow native plants and grasses.

Native is Best

  • Flowers and plants native to your area feed indigenous populations of birds, insects and fungi.
  • None native plants can take over or undermine local plants.
  • Double flowers and over-bred plants often take up space but offer no food value for wild life.

Variety and Diversity

  • The wider the range of plant families and flowers the better for wild life.
  • Look after the soil to help diverse plants to thrive. It will also help fungus and bacteria which is a good place to start achieving biodiversity.
  • Rotating crops breaks up disease and feeds the soil.

Balance the Elements

  • Create wind breaks or sheltered areas.
  • Ensure a supply of accessible water.
  • Provide some shade in hot areas of the garden.
  • Consider the tops of trees and the roots of plants as habitats. Again variety is a key.

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