Conservation Mixes of Seeds

If you want a new idea in seeds that will help create an eco-friendly garden try these mixed from Wallis seeds or our seed suppliers.

Beetle and Insect Bank a mixture of grasses to encourage beetles and insects to feed and breed. Can be planted in a small area in the garden

Pollen and Nectar Mix. A good mixture of flowers and grasses for butterflies, insects and birds to feed. A sunny area may be best but a small space will suit.

Wild Bird Mixture of plants producing seed or providing cover for birds. Ideal for small birds like finches, buntings and sparrows.

Clover Mix – red and white clover ideal for butterflies and helpful for bees

Bumble Bee & Butterfly mix to attract what it the name implies plus other insects

Now for the good news the seed mixes are available for less than one pound per packet. Four times quantities weighing 100gms will cost upto £2.50 but that will be a mass of seeds and subsequent plants.

The picture of the great yellow bumblebee is from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust


If you want to get a jump start on next spring sow some biennial seeds now. Biennials are plants that grow in one year and flower in the next. As they are going to overwinter the biennials tend to be hardy and many have good scent to attract pollinating insects when they flower in spring.

Try These Varieties

  • Sweet William – Dianthus ‘Tuxedo’ with dark chocolate flowers and matching deep leaves or for contrast ‘Alba’
  • Wallflower – Erysimum ‘Orange, Primrose or Scarlet Bedder’, the taller ‘Ruby Gem’ or ‘Giant Pink’ have less scent but grow to about two foot or the smaller Tom thumb mixes. Or cheap offer
  • Foxgloves – Digitalis ‘Albiflora’ is a statuesque white or one of the mixes that have purples, apricots and mixed spotted throats
  • Honesty Seeds give pleasure as flowers then again as seed heads for dried flowers arrangements. Try a mixture or Lunaria ‘Munstead Purple’ or the white ‘albiflora’
  • Iceland Poppies – Paperver nudicaule in pastel colours
  • Canterbury Bells ‘Cup and Saucer’ in blue, white and rose
  • Pansy – many varieties from the Viola family

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