August Wild Flowers

Augyst Wild Flower Garden

Wild flower gardens are generally thought to be at their best in spring but this colourful patch was a riot of colour in the middle of August.

Gardeners Tips for Wild Flowers

  • Poor soil conditions encourage flowering. Do not fertilise wild flower gardens
  • Group flowers with similar flowering times together. it would look to thin and patchy to have a mix of spring and Autumn flowers together.
  • Do not be too quick to tidy up. Let the seeds develop and drop so that annual plants renew themselves for next season.
  • If possible avoid competition from grass particularly for autumn wild flower gardens as they can choke off the flowering plants.

wild flowers

Wild Flower Mixtures

  • General; purpose meadow mixtures may contain, cowslip, oxeye daisy, knapweed, buttercup, campion, vetch and yarrow amongst others.
  • Hedgerow mixtures may have wood avens, plantains, agrimony, cowslip, oxeye daisy and knapweed,
  • Cornfield mixture as above will have corn cockle, cornflower and poppy and Forget-me-not
  • You can also get mixtures for sowing in wet marshes or for pond edges.

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  1. nurseries February 14, 2013 at 16.03 #

    Fall and spring planting can be equally successful with wildflowers…Wildflowers dazzle your gardens with sprays of colors…Flowers are looking lovely in the pictures above. I will keep in mind the tips given in this post for wild flowers!

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