Wallflower Bowles Mauve

Wallflower Bowles Mauve


Bowles Mauve is a wallflower Erysimum linifolium that performs for several years unlike its strongly scented cousins. It is a short lived evergreen perennial that gets a bit leggy if not kept in check. The plant flowers all summer long and it seems as though it is flowering itself to death.

  • Take regular cuttings which are easy to root and grow on.
  • It grows 2 feet high and wide in most types of soil preferring alkaline to acid
  • Also try¬† other Perennial Wallflowers, Bowles Yellow or the shorter ‘Little Lilac Kiss’ from seed
  • Erysimum perofskianum Gold Shot as its name suggests has golden yellow flowers
  • Butterflies are attracted to this plant of the brassica family
  • As a member of the Cruciferae family the flowers grow from stems originating in the centre of the grey leaves and have 4 petals each in the shape of a cross.



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3 thoughts on “Wallflower Bowles Mauve

  1. My plant has got very leggy though it is in full flower. It was a new plant last year, do you think I should cut it back now? Do you have any experience of taking Bowles Mauve cuttings, do you have any tips?

    Best wishes Sylvia

  2. I just take cuttings about 4 inches long preferably without a flower bud. I plonk several in a spare bit of the garden – no fuss. They are easy to root them I move them to where I want. You could cosset them in a pot of well drained compost (not peat based)

  3. Thank you, I will take some cuttings. I do enjoy sowing seed, taking cutting etc. Sylvia

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