Verticillium Wilt Prevention and Cure

Verticillium Wilt Prevention and Cure

Verticillium fungi is a soil-borne fungal disease that can survive for 10 or more years in the soil. I am worried that a variety of strawberries (Hypia) I have just bought may be susceptible and despite treatment with sulphur based products I have to just hope.

Main symptoms
Yellowing leaves, leaf wilting and dieback
Curling leaves and discolored streaks on stems
All can lead to low yields and plant death.

What is Affected

Strawberries, berry canes, including raspberries and blackberries are particularly susceptible to infection.
Tomato, potatoes, peppers and eggplant
Some other vegetables and ornamental plants

Prevention not Cure
Good hygiene particularly clearing dropped fruit in autumn.
Don’t throw wilted leaves or any part of an infected plant onto the compost pile.
If you’ve had wilt don’t plant the same crop in the same ground.
Remove stricken growth or the whole plant

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