Veins and a Varicose Pansy

Roses are red Pansies are blue -They’re available in other colours – but what can you do?

Blue Vein Pansy is a character in the Greenskeeper Gathering andgarden dragon game of ‘Flight Rising’ where ‘These flowers fend for themselves, uprooting to seek sunlight, shade, and water as required.’
Would that all plants were so accommodating.

Plants can be segregated into two groups Monocots with parallel veins that begin at the base of the leaf and end at the tip without any branching. The Dicots that includes Pansy have veins that start at the bottom and branch out in an ordered network all over the leaf.

Unlucky Gardeners

  1. The amorous corpuscle loved in vein but gardeners are not vane about the weather and this is a vain attempt at humour!
  2. I had a rock garden but the rocks died
  3. I crossed Poison Ivy with Clover and got a rash of good luck
  4. The CO2 emissions and new weather has led to Global Worming
  5. The forecast for tonight  – Dark

Thanks to pin interest there are lots of Pansy pictures in the same vein.


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