Bare Rooted Raspberry Canes or Plants

Bare Rooted Raspberry Canes or Plants

Spring raspberry canes

These raspberry canes were available from my local garden centre March 20th. They look container grown but are bare rooted canes plonked into pots. Container grown plants look like a bunch of healthy canes growing from the same root stock.
If you can’t get to Swincar Nursery in Guiseley and who can, then you can buy the following varieties mail order from Thompson & Morgan

Raspberry ‘Glen Moy’ (Early season summer fruiting) – produces an abundance of firm, medium sized fruits from June to July on virtually spine-free canes, which make harvesting a pleasure.

Raspberry ‘Glen Ample’ (Mid season summer fruiting) – Exceptional high-yielding mid season variety, producing a heavy crop of large, deep red, succulent berries, with superb flavour.

Raspberry ‘Polka’ (Late season autumn fruiting) – This superb Polish bred primocane variety produces up to double the yield of its parent, Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’, and crops at least 2 weeks earlier.

Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’ ‘is one of the best and most reliable autumn fruiting varieties, producing a heavy crop of large, attractive red berries from late August until mid October. The delicious fruits have an excellent flavour and firm texture making them ideal for eating fresh from the plant or freezing for another day. The short, sturdy canes of Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’ makes them perfect for growing in smaller gardens and containers as they don’t require supports for their stems. An excellent British bred variety, with good resistance to raspberry root rot disease. Height: 59”. Spread:20”.’

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Bare-root or Pot-Grown Plants

Bare-root plants are only delivered in the winter season for planting from November to March when the ground is not frosty.
Pot grown plants can be delivered all year round but take care as this photo shows barerooted plants have been stuck in a pot for retail purposes!
Bare-root plants cost less for the same size plants and you can carry and plant them easily.

Pot Grown plants can be delivered & planted all year round.
Plants in pots can be kept for months if there is a delay in planting.
If you can’t wait to get planting then buy pot grown plants, otherwise order bare roots.

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