Onion Family Competitions

Onion Family Competitions

Show Onions

  • These potential prize winning onions are uniform in size, colour and shape.
  • They are ‘to schedule’ in that they are 12 of the same variety grown by the show entrant.
  • Onions should be ripened at least a fortnight before the show and take off any extremely loose outer skin. Trim off the rootlets close to the base.
  • Presentation can be crucial at your local show. These onions have been neatly tied off at the neck with raffia and mounted in clean sand. Single onions are usually mounted on a cardboard ring (like an egg cup) on a black velvet cloth if you wish.
  • 2 lb Ailsa Craig are easier to grow and more consistent than 4 lb varieties and big size prizes are for the specialist (but at this show 3 onions weighed in at 41 lbs a lot to eat at one go!)

Leeks for Show


  • The flags of this prize winning Leek were too long for the table and my camera but don’t they look healthy?
  • Trim off the rough bits of the leaves at the top of your Leeks.
  • Tie off the group of leeks with raffia around the lower stems, the necks and after collecting the foliage.
  • Do not remove more than the outer sheath or you will drop points.
  • Judging is usually based on 8 points for condition 4 for uniformity and 8 more for solidity. (Condition includes freshness, cleanliness, healthy appearance with no blemishes and no disease. Solidity indicates how well the leek was grown that should lead to high density and firmness. Uniformity includes the shape and how it compares to others.)

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