Feed Raspberries to Feed You

Feed Raspberries to Feed You

You do not need to give your raspberries five a day for them to supply you with at least one portion a day of your fruit and vegetables. However feed your canes and treat your hungry raspberries right with these tips.

Good Food Guide for Raspberries.

  • Feed with a general fertiliser containing nitrogen for leafy growth, phosphorus for roots and shoot and potassium for for flowers and fruit. Growmore suits me but Phostrogen, Chempak of Vitax Q4 will do a similar job.
  • If your leaves show signs of yellowing between veins it may be due to magnesium deficiency or the over use of potassium feeds. As a cure foliar feed with epsom salts solution in summer. I also start with an epsom soil feed in early spring.
  • On chalky soil it may be worth giving a feed of sequestered iron in the form of sequestrene.
  • Mulch around the canes with well-rotted manure but don’t bury the canes. This feeds and helps retain moisture both essential for good fruit. I also mulch and water in summer.
  • Prepare the soil for new plants by deep digging adding well rotted compost and a slow release fertiliser such as bone meal.

Good luck with your cropping this year. May you pick enough raspberries to feed your daily portion needs with some leftover  to freeze or turn into jam


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