Spring Cleaning Your Garden

Spring Cleaning Your Garden

It may be boring but what better way to set off your garden than by getting everything neat, tidy, sorted,  spick and span. A tidy area will draw attention to the garden and plants not the bits that are out of place, dirty or untidy.  Here are my top ten tips.

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Top Ten Tips to Spruce up Your Garden

  1. Clean your paths, pavings and slabs. Make them look bright and new with a pressure washer or scrub them with Swarfega Path and Patio cleaner or equivalent. If stepping stones have sunk below soil height raise them so soil isn’t easily washed on to them. Clean glass in cold frames and greenhouses.
  2. Remove any weeds growing in cracks and give all hard surfaces a good brush.
  3. Trim the edges of Lawns, it is one of the most effective face lifts for the green parts of your garden.
  4. Stain or repaint any wood decking, furniture of visible structures. You can go as far as spray painting support canes for your runner beans though hopefully they will grow and cover them very quickly.
  5. Keep empty or non-flowering pots and containers away from important areas until they are at there best. Then move them into position for the duration. Pots need to be clean to look good.
  6. Cut down any dead wood, straggly growth over paths and obvious eyesores (even if you still cherish the plant).
  7. Personally I dislike the sight of old plastic garden centre labels left on plants. If you want labels to remind you be bold and get a purpose made label that blends in with your style of garden like those you admire in public gardens.
  8. Top up any graveled areas with fresh gravel of the same colour. Deweed first.
  9. Have only one glory-hole for all the ugly bits, preferrably in a garden shed or as far out of sight as possible. If it has to be visible plant some screening plants to cover as best you can.
  10. Be ruthless with under performers and unused items. I have a pile of old Hazel sticks that I must now go and throw away.

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Spruce up The Plants

  1. As soon as practical trim your lawn edges – it makes a disproportionate difference.
  2. Stake or tie up any plant that has fallen, bent or been twisted during winter. Pay attention to  climbers.
  3. Supports can be put in place for young new growth starts to flop. If you are going to have to support a plant do it now.
  4. Hoe and till your soil to remove weeds and clear new planting ground.
  5. Trim and shape shrubs gently when no more frost is expected.

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