Titanic Sunflower – Titan the Biggest Sunflower?

Titanic Sunflower – Titan the Biggest Sunflower?

Sunflower Titan

From July to September you may see some giant sunflowers and they may be from the variety ‘Titan’ which is advertised as up to 12 foot tall. Other large varieties include Giant Yellow, Paul Bunyon and variations on Russian Giant sunflowers.

Guinness Book of Records categories for giant sunflowers

    • Biggest flower measured from the petal tip to the opposite side petal tip – 32 inches

  • Tallest Sunflower measured from the ground to the highest petal on the flower – 25 feet unless you grow better
  • Most flowers counting all flower heads on the sunflower – 837 on one plant in America
  • According to Guinness World Records, the tallest sunflower to date measured 26ft 4in on August 17, 2009

Growing against a sunny wall these sunflowers still fail to reach the height of the giant Hops behind.

Tips for growing Giants

  • Avoid planting in a windy site or too near a wall. A north facing area may help the plant grow tall. Plant in sun for branching and lots of flower.
  • Stake the plants for support. Put in a thicker stake as needed.
  • Mound up soil around the base of the plant
  • Water regularly
  • Feed at least weekly with balanced feed and more frequently with a high potash feed when the flower develops.
  • Watch out for insects, wind damage and other problems that need quick treatment.


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