Tips for Growing Million Bells Petunia – Calibrachoa

A very popular plants for hanging baskets, pouches and containers, due to their fantastic flower power and colour range!

Characteristics of Million Bells
Upright plant with a mound forming habit, height 12″-15″ spread up to 20″
Blooms all season long, June to October
Easy to grow and maintain, deadheading unnecessary.
Heavy bloomer, well-branching that withstands hot summers.
Versatile in baskets, containers and borders.

Some of the named varieties also hint at the colour range now available :- Million BellsĀ® Flamingo, Crackling Fire, Terracotta, Tangerine, Peaches and Cream, Lime, Neon Yellow and Apricot. Calibrachoa is the more accepted name and the series have been developed and registered by Suntory.

Growing Tips
Buy as plug plants and pot up plugs into 4″ pots to grow on for transplanting into final containers or baskets late May.
Alternatively, plant plugs directly into flower pouches or hanging baskets and protect from frost. Grow on in warm frost free conditions.
Pinch back the stems, while the plants are still young, to encourage them to produce bushier growth and more flowers.
Acclimatise Petunias to outdoor conditions over a period of 10 days when frost has gone.
Plant in a sunny site for their final position and feed and water plants regularly.
Can be grown from cuttings

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