Star Flower Dahlias – Juul’s Allstar

Star Flower Dahlias – Juul’s Allstar

Classed variously as a Novelty, Star or Orchid-type Dahlia flowers Juul’s Allstar are eye catchers that should be real show stoppers.
To win a top prize the centre should be open with the disc in proper proportion to the ray florets that should be clean and uniform.
Eden Project Dahlia
This p[hoto of Dahlia ‘Juul’s Allstar’ is a real star and has produced flowers early in this wet summer down in Cornwall.

Star Dahlia Flowers

  • Strange how different flowers on the same plant have seven or eight petals per flower (above 8 below 7 & 8)
  • The slender petals form a distinctive star with the sides of each petal rolled inwards. This creates the eye catching and unusual shape.
  • The underside of the petals of Juul’s Allstar dahlias are red with the top being yellow with red veins. The curve of the petal brings out the bi-colour effect.
  • Dahlia Honka is a similar style dahlia but the petals are primrose yellow on both sides of the petal. Dahlia Marie Schnugg has a red flower that is not as uniform as Juul’s Allstar.

Eden Project Dahlia
Dahlia Juul’s Allstar

honka_2 by Productions Saint-Anicet CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Dahlia 'Marie Schnugg'  2009
Dahlia ‘Marie Schnugg’ 2009 by F. D. Richards CC BY-SA 2.0

One thought on “Star Flower Dahlias – Juul’s Allstar

  1. I saw a photo of a blue (petaled) yellow (interior bloom) dahlia but haven’t been able
    to find it anywhere on Internet. Do you know anything about this type – name? A Star dahlia?

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