Snap Dragons Den for Antirrhinums


Invest in some Antirrhinums but ignore the cynical dragons on the BBC TV programme ‘Dragons Den’ who are yet to invest in a garden business.

Ways of Growing Antirrhinums

  • Grow from seed using the sowing instructions on the packet. Generally they recommend sowing in March or April although I have some overwintering plants sown in September.
  • Buy young seedlings from a garden centre in spring. You do not need to worry about damping off if you buy a pot full of seedlings.
  • Buy plug plants that will save you the job of pricking out and some seedling losses. The jumbo plugs can go straight into the ground.
  • Antirrhinums are short lived perennials and will probably return to flower next season. Trim them before winter to avoid straggly growth and encourage new branches in spring.
  • Allow your plants to set seed and they will self sow or you can collect the prolific seed for your own sowing. Setting seed is a sign for the plant to stop flowering so an alternative is to deadhead to get more flowers than seed.

Antirrhinum siculum

Antirrhinum siculum (Above) is a more exotic breed of snapdragon growing in warm dry conditions.

Six ways to grow Antirrhinums and confound the snapdragon fraternity with colourful, scented, cut and garden flowers.
Seeds are not a big investment and you get a good return for your money without needing outside investors.
Being a natural gardener you wont need to give away 50% of your plants for an investment of half the price of a packet but may be willing to do so.


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