Silene is Not Just Campion

Silene is Not Just Campion

June garden silene

Silene is a genus of plants often called Campion. The ‘Catch fly’, red Campion and the white Campion, Silene latifolia, are quite well known and feature in many cottage gardens.
Siline acaulis is a variety that flowers much closer to the ground on short stems and is similar to Phlox . Some times referred to as the Cushion Pink it is a small mountain-dwelling wildflower

silene hookeri

Silene Hookeri is grown as a North American rock plant and enjoys drier conditions. It has hairy gray leaves with many short spreading stems in a cluster. The flowers have deeply divided petals in white pink or purple.

Silene cambessedesii

Silene cambessedesii is synonymous with Silene aegyptica and has darker purple flowers.

Silene schafta agm is a mat-forming semi-evergreen perennial.
Silene Pendula Peach Blossom is a hardy annual also called Nodding Catchfly
Silene Laciniata Jack Flash is an orange flowered hardy perennial.

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Many Silenes are mat forming and useful for rockeries and alpine gardens.

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