Senecio Silver Sunshine now named Brachyglottis

Senecio Silver Sunshine now named Brachyglottis


Senecio Silver Sunshine is an attractive shrub (now renamed Brachyglottis) with small silver leaves. It grows to about 3’6″ and flowers with masses of small yellow daisy like flowers through the summer.
This particular plant is quite vigorous and overdue for a trim when it has flowered.

Gardeners Tips on Brachyglottis

  • It is evergreen or ‘eversilver’ and can be grown as a foliage plant.
  • Prune aggressively in spring to stimulate foliage and keep tidy. It will go woody quite easily but will quickly reclothe the woody bits in May/June
  • Don’t bother collecting the seeds, propagate by semi-ripe or hardwood cuttings in summer or autumn
  • Buy small plants and avoid ones that have a woody base
  • Brachyglottis monroi AGM is also a variety worth growing sometimes called Monro’s ragwort

Where to Grow Brachyglottis

  • Grow this ‘Sunshine’ variety as an informal hedge. Space your planting every couple of feet for a dense shrubbery.
  • These plants grow well at the seaside as it stands up to strong winds and salt-laden air.
  • Brachyglottis with stand low levels of water
  • Grow with other Mediterranean plants or as groundcover for a sunny site.
  • Plant with other daisies like Anthemis in a courtyard or gravel gardens
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