Seedheads for Display and Drying

Allium seeds


Alliums produce some of the most interesting seedheads. Each capsule is about to burst on this Allium cristophii (AGM) sending dozens of hard black seeds to perpetuate the family.

There are over a thousand species of Allium or onion and this is one of the most eye-catching of them all both in flower and in seed. Large flowered Alliums should be planted in groups of odd numbers to enhance the effect. They like a sunny site where it will tolerate competition from other roots. Each spherical flower-head helps create a perfect ball shape. The complete stem will last for many weeks as part of a dried flower arrangement.

Other Plants to Grow for their Seed Heads

  • Pampass Grass (Cortaderia selloana) for the large fluffy plumes and a whole range of other grasses
  • Teasels (Dipsacus) to feed the birds and to catch the frost
  • Honesty for the shimmering white seed heads
  • Iris Foetidissma for the red berries bursting out of the seed pod
  • Paeonia lactiflora for the red furry seed head
  • Zea Mais, Mexican Corn on the cob for the multi-coloured cobs after drying
  • Papaver, Phlomis fruticosa, Phlomis samia/russelliana, Phormium tenax are also recommended by the gardener

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