Roses July Spruce Up

Roses July Spruce Up


It is mid July and the Roses have performed very well with an abundance of flower, scent and leaf growth. With the June flush over here are some quick tips to boost your Roses for the rest of the season.

Quick Rose Tips.

  • Water your Roses with a couple of gallons at least once a week. Do not be tempted to spread it out a pint at a time, they prefer a good long drink.
  • Mulch again after watering or rain
  • Trim over hanging plants that are robbing your roses of sunlight. More sun will equal more flowers!
  • You can give your plants a final Rose fertilizer boost. Do not leave it any later in the season as leggy and sappy growth from late fertilizer will do no one any good.
  • Deadhead all repeat flowering roses (if in doubt deadhead all those not being grown for the hips).
  • A summer tidy prune can help by trimming ungainly stems by 12-18″ to make the bush more shapely.
  • Stop deadheading in September to get the roses to think about winter.

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Planting a new container grown Rose

  • Soak the container for 12 hours to give the rose chance to drink.
  • Dig an over sized hole and add some bone meal and or root grow fungi.
  • Plant the rose, teasing out the roots   and back fill with humus rich soil.
  • Water and mulch and keep watering until autumn.

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